Automatic Multi-currency Detector

 Automatic Multi-currency Detector

Model No.︰HT CD-300

Brand Name︰HT

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

HT CD-300 is multinomial counterfeit detector with advanced technology which adopting optical pattern, magnetic, infrared and security detection etc. It can auto recognizes USD,EURO,GBP,JPY,CAD, and one of the following currencies: AUD or HKD or RUB or CNYor THB or SGD etc.

It has high counterfeit recognition ability and able to detect 99.9% of the most sophisticated counterfeit notes in circulation, including super-fake US Dollars North Korea version. Without any limit of new or old or published matters. Automatically identify the currency denomination and indicate the total value.

particular strengths

It has a special technology which is a first created in the world. The customer can set up the machine according to their demand by themse es. For example ,the customer want to detect the VND but he can’t find any machine to verify it. He can set up our CD-300 to do it. We will offer our special software to the customer , he can use it to collect the data of VND. After input the data of VND, a machine to detect VND can be carried out. We have another function to updata the CD -300.

If the customer find counterfeit currency the CD-300 can’t detect, the customer can input the data of counterfeit note to the machine. Then CD-300 can detect this kind of counterfeit note and the operation of updata is finished. This technology is leading and convenient at the same industry.

Technical specifications:

Check method: pattern, magnetic, IR, UV, Safe Line

Detecting way: Put the banknote against the left of the entrance

Processing speed:  0.5s/pcs

Power supply:      AC 110 to 220V, 50/60Hz

Display:           LCD white LED backlight

Rated power:        8W

Power consumption:  400mA

Operation environment temperature:  5 to40

Relative air humidity:  10 to 95

Dimensions:             138L×128W×74H mm

Net weight:             0.45 kg

Gross weight:           0.85

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