The latest Multi-Function Document Detector

The latest Multi-Function Document Detector

Model No.︰-

Brand Name︰HS3B

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

The HS3B especially suitable for the police,customs,bank,etc for genuine examinations of all types of documents.
Product specifications:
◎Sensor: high-pixel CMOS camera(5 million pixels)
◎Lens: low distortion infrared lens。
◎Light-filtering system: band-pass filter of visible
high-pass filter of infrared light.
◎Camera function: can shoot spectrum pictures, Save JP
◎Inspection light source: Top white light, side white ligh
Cross white light, top infrared light, side infrared light,
Cross infrared light, UVA, UVC, AS laser, bule light.
Output components:computer USB connector (PCCAM=1024*768 as mobile disk), TV, HDMI (optional PC software ).


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