Criminal Light portable multi-channel light source

 Criminal Light portable multi-channel light source

Model No.︰HTCM8C

Brand Name︰HTCM8C

Country of Origin︰-

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

  1. multi-channel:
  3. 3.7V,18650 Lithium battery,continuous working time:2h
  4. 8 LED lights,8 batteries,1charger,3 pcs glasses,3 filters(yellow,orange and red),1professional toolbox.
  5. Flare uniformity85%
  6. lllumination intensity:30000UW-250LM at 38cm
  7. Each torch has an independent band light, 8 torches can be satisfied of common requirements of light source.
  8. Complete accessories, easy to use
  9. Size:142*45*25mm
  10. Weight:160g



Biological stains and latent fingerprints

Blood and other bodily fluids

Bruises/bit marks/pattern wounds

Hair and fibers

Grease oil and other petroleum-based stains


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