UV16W blacklight

 UV16W blacklight

Model No.︰HTC365C

Brand Name︰HTC365C

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Product Description


1. High-frequency electronic ballast achieves optimum UV performance

2. The waterproof level reaches IP54, so it is suitable for outdoor and humid environment operation

3. Extruded metal shell, integrated control device.

3. Compact structure, lightweight and durable.

4. Metal bracket for easy installation and adjustment, direct exposure to the required area

5. Modular design allows multiple UV lamp units for large areas

6. can choose to replace the lamp, the lamp can be freely replaced when damaged

7.Power Supply: 110V 60HZ or 220V 50HZ

8.The wavelength range generated in the two 8W UV light tubes: the spectral output of UV light from 320 to 400 nm, which is most suitable for UV-A fluorescence detection applications.

9.Weight1.2 Kg

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