Criminal lamp high-power

Criminal lamp high-power

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Brand Name︰Uniform light exploration lamp

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Product Description

HTC 6052(30W) Technical Specifications

Lamp: CREE (US) 

Rated Voltage: DC8.4V

Rated power: 30W

Nominal capacity: 7800mAh

Lamp Lifetimes:100000h 

Lens: high purity optical lens

Spot uniformity:≥90%

Luminous flux: 1200lm (search light) /600lm (photo light)

Lighting time: strong light for 2h and weak light for 3h Housing

Material: aluminum alloy

Switch Mode: adjustable

Recharge time: 6h

 Size: 239 * 64 mm

Weight: 1255g (including battery)

¤ A multi-band light source can be formed by adding a filter, Red (620nm-780nm), blue (445nm-480nm), yellow (505nm-555nm), green (480nm-575nm), orange (590nm-620nm).

Application Fields: Applicable to search and photo evidence for traces of the accident and crime scene